Repair bad drivers – Driver Store

You have problems with your OP-COM or any other diagnostic device or other tool with FTDI chip stop working? Here is solution for any driver problems in Windows.

If you ever had a device that stop working or you having problem to make it work after successful driver installation, you might have problem with version of driver for that specific device. All drivers that you installed at least once is saved in Windows Drive Store folder. What might happen is after driver is updated to newer version device stop working. Returning to older version of driver can’t be done by installing/running setup for older version, because windows will always use newest version of driver for specific device. Also, device driver sometimes can’t be easily removed by uninstalling it from Control Panel.

There is solution for above problem. Native windows command to work with drivers is PnPUtil. Many users are not experienced enough to use it so there is much easier and more friendly application for it. It is called DriveStoreExplorer. This is GUI application which gives you ability to do all tasks with drivers: add, delete, enumerate or list all drivers etc. All is done with few clicks. DriveStoreExplorer requires .NET Framework 4.5 or newer and Windows 7 or newer to be installed before. There is no installation you just run application and use it.